Dedicated Support Services

Support Team

We have dedicated 24x7x365 working support team. Team members are well trained for communication before they start working. Our technical staff is also trained for communication so that they can direct communicate customers and better understand the issue.

We entertain all kind of support request related to our hosting services.

Account Migration

We provide free account migration service if your want to transfer your hosting account from another host to Checkout Host or within Checkout Host.

Proactive Support

As a part of our proactive support service, our technical team also keep on monitoring Software, Hardware, Network and Security performance of servers. Technical team take a quick action if any error is reported by our monitoring system.

Software Monitoring

We provide full 24/7/365 support control panel, as well as for a variety of other commonly used hosting software packages. Additionally, we provide proactive security updates to ensure your server is always secure.

Network Monitoring

Our servers remain in secure and reliable networking environment through careful network engineering. Network reliability is guaranteed by a 100% uptime SLA. Each VPS is isolated to their own private VLAN for security and our entire network is constantly monitored for performance.

Hardware Monitoring

Our servers are backed by full hardware monitoring and replacement facility. In the rare event of a component failure, we guarantee to replace it within 1 hour with the replacement parts we keep on-site.

Security Monitoring

We have comprehensive set of services and tools designed to enhance the security, performance and reliability of your hosting account. It includes an advanced firewall, e-mail anti-virus and anti-spam systems, HTTP DOS and intrusion protection, kernel and filesystem hardening and more.

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