Security Feature

Firewall Protection:

  • APF Configure both ingress and egress firewall protection.
  • BFD Detect and prevent brute force attacks.
  • CPHulk Detect and prevent brute force attacks.

Spam Prevention and Anti-Virus Protection:

  • ClamAV Configure for e-mail scanning. Enable auto-updating anti-virus definitions.
  • Realtime Blackhole Lists (RBLs) Configure email server with RBLs to prevent spam.
  • Harden Mailserver Configuration Prevent against detection of valid e-mail address through brute-force attacks. Also enable HELO verification and other sanity checks.
  • Dictionary Attack Protection Prevent spammers guessing email addresses on your server.
  • Checksum-based Collaborative Filtering DCC and Razor to detect mass-mails.
  • OCR Technology Optical Character Recognition engine to detect spam in email as images and PDF files.
  • Custom rulesets Custom hand-selected SpamAssassin and ClamAV rulesets to increase spam detection.

HTTP Intrusion and DOS Protection:

Free DDOS Protection upto 25,000 pps

  • Mod_security Install and configure mod_security for Apache with auto-updating ruleset.
  • Mod_evasive Install and configure DOS, DDOS, and brute force detection and suppression for Apache.
  • PHP SuHosin PHP Hardening through the Hardened PHP Project. Available on request.

Server Hardening:

  • Disable IP Source Routing Enable protection against IP source route attacks.
  • Disable ICMP Redirect Acceptance Enable protection against ICMP redirect attacks.
  • Enable syncookie protection Enable protection against TCP Syn Flood attacks.
  • Enable ICMP rate-limiting Enable protection against ICMP flood attacks.
  • Harden host.conf Enable spoofing protection and protection against DNS poisoning attacks.
  • Harden Apache Prevent module and version disclosure information.
  • Harden SSH Allow only SSH version 2 connections.
  • Harden Named Enable protection against DNS recursion attacks.
  • Ensure Filesystem Permissions Fix permission on world writable directories and prevent against directory-transversal attacks.
  • Harden temporary directory and shared memory locations Enforce noexec, nosuid on tmp and shm mounts.
  • Harden “fetching” utilities - Allows root-only access of wget, curl, and other utilties often used in web-based attacks.
  • Remove unnecessary packages removes RPMS which are not needed to prevent against potential vulnerabilities and free up disk space.
  • Disable unused services Disable services which are not used.
  • Disable unneeded processes Disable processes which are not needed for server operation.
  • PAM Resource Hardening Protects against exploits which use core dumps and against user resource exhausting through fork bombs and other shell attacks.
  • PHP Hardening Enable OpenBaseDir protection.

Server Optimization:

  • Optimize TCP/IP stack Various changes to TCP/IP stack to increase buffers and optimize for server environment.
  • PHP Configuration Enables widely used PHP modules for maximum compatibility.
  • MySQL Optimization Optimizes MySQL performance for server configuration and enable query caching.
  • PHP Caching Optimizes PHP performance through EAccelerator script caching.
  • FFMPEG and related software support FFMPEG, Mencoder, flvtool2, and all related applications.
  • Graphic Applications Installs widely-used graphic applications NetPBM and ImageMagick.
  • Monitoring Applications Installs MyTOP, Iptraf, and Iftop utilities to easily monitor server performance.

Security Audits:

  • Rootkit Hunter Nightly scan to detect system intrusions.
  • Chkrootkit Nightly scan to detect system intrusions.
  • Nobody Process Scanner Scans for unauthorized "nobody" processes.

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