Getting a relevant domain name for your business or personal use is as easy as buying coffee. This month we have launched many more new domain TLDs, so you have more option which exactly define your business, your objective. In near future we will add many more TLDs in our system which will be available immidiatly for registration.
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Some of new TLDs are given here -

.holdings .bike .ventures .diamonds .voyage .careers .recipes .limo .singles .plumbing .guru
.clothing .camera .estate .kitchen .land .shoes .domains .cab .computer .academy .builders .training
.glass .camp .repair .graphics .equipment .gallery .lighting .directory .today .tips .photos .company
.systems .center .email .solutions .support .education .institute .uno .menu

If you have a shoes shop, you can register domain, for computer shop you can register and so on...
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Sunday, January 26, 2014

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