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    Earn 20% of all payments made by customers referred by you.

Commission payouts

Website Action Comission 30 Days After Payment 20% of all purchase amount

Affiliate program benefits

Get paid for referring friends! The more they make the more we pay you, straight into your account, for 90 days!

Plus, earn a passive income through banners, feeds and links on your blog, site or social media and NO SMART PRICING to lower your earnings!

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  • How and when do I get paid?
  • You can withdraw funds from your control panel as soon as the amount of your earnings reaches to minimum withdraw level ($200).

  • How much does it cost to become a partner?
  • The registration is FREE, and you do not need to purchase anything from us. We are paying you for attracting new customers to Checkout Host website.

  • Can I offer discount to my customers?
  • Yes, we can provide you a discount coupon.

  • What if a customer first clicks my promo link, then leaves your website, and returns several days later, will my promo code be lost?
  • No. We save the promo code in "cookies" for 90 days. This means that, if a customer clicks your promo link and orders Checkout Host hosting during those 90 days (for example, customer might want to first learn as many details as possible about the product and purchase it, two weeks later), you will still receive your commission.

  • Is it a requirement to use a promo link to make all this work?
  • No, it is not. You may simply send your promo code to any prospective customer by email, tell it on the phone, or publish it on your website and offer your visitors to use the code. The order checkout page on our website has a special box where customers can enter the promo code. If your code is entered in that box, a customer will receive a discount, and you will get paid.

  • Do you have an advertising banner for your promo link?
  • We offer you several ready-to-use web banners which you can place anywhere to advertise your promo link: in a web forum, in a blog, or on any other kind of website. The banners have different size and design to fit different tastes. You can download/copy their link code from your control panel.